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This is a TeX kernel system providing what everything is based upon: Donald E. Knuth's Digital Typography system; with some useful additions.

This system includes, of course, METAFONT and TeX; but auxiliaries are also included.

All the programs (latest published version) are included here.

In addition, other programs linked to Tomas Rokicki's dvi to PostScript driver (dvips(1)) are added. Oren Patashnik's BibTeX (0.99d) is here too; John Hobby's MetaPost is included; The NTS team e-TeX (now the default engine for LaTeX) is here and D.E. Knuth and Silvio Levy' CWEB are here as well as a packaging system.

The fact that kerTeX, the kernel, is associated with a limited subset of utilities, for the main part POSIX.2 ones, makes kerTeX a system that is handling itself its extensions (packages). The result, is that whatever hosting system kerTeX is installed on (Plan9, *BSD, the various Linuces (including Android), MacOsX or Windows), one and only one kerTeX package is written. All the packages (optional) proposed below are hence installable on all kerTeX installations.

This is the 0.9999999.0 version (for kerTeX_T) that includes all the latest version of the programs and adds the X11 support for METAFONT online graphics output.

The main major addition was the Android support by the compilation framework R.I.S.K. (Thanks! go once more to Antonio Olivares for wanting to install kerTeX on Android with termux, reporting and testing until the support was right.)

thumbnail of METAFONT online graphics output
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Tomas Rokicki's dvips test page
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The planning is:

Quick install

The compilation framework R.I.S.K. allows all the possibilities, including cross-compilation. For an extensive number of OSes, the parameters files are included, and these parameters are only sh(1) variables. It is easy to extend the support to a new system (this has been done for Android recently).

In theory, since the kernel depends only on a libc, almost all the systems can be supported.

The unprivileged (non root) installation is supported as well.

But in the most common case, i.e. compilation and installation on the very same OS and architecture, things can be simplified and for this, scripts have been written for a quick install.

There is one script for Unix like systems (this includes, at the moment, Windows since it is only supported via Interix, Cygwin, Ubuntu etc.) and the other for Plan9 : get_mk_install.rc.

You have only to download and execute the script, for Unix:
sh ./
or for Plan 9:
rc ./get_mk_install.rc
and just let the script guide you.

In order for R.I.S.K. to be able to run, it needs a limited subset of POSIX.2 utilities. For downloading, a FTP/HTTP retriever is also needed (like ftp(1), lftp(1) or hget(1)). Under Plan9 or the *BSD, these utilities are provided by the system. Under the Linuces variations, it depends. You may have to add them (they are common so there are packages for them)—if a utility is missing, R.I.S.K. will stop and tell you so.

As an example, under Android termux, after installing termux of course, you will need the following (thanks to Antonio Olivares for the informations):

For running kerTeX, since at the moment the only dvi driver is Tomas Rokicki's dvips(1), if you want to display the result, you will have to install ghostscript as well.

Finally, under Android termux, the installation is an unprivileged one (and the principle applies to every unprivileged installation), and you will need to adjust the PATH, here under ˜/.bash_profile so that which_kertex can be found (as well as the kerTeX programs). If you have not changed the default dir for Android/termux, that is home/bin :
export PATH

More about the description, the installation and the running in the README.


KerTeX passes the TRAP (METAFONT), TRIP (TeX), TWIST (MetaPost) and ETRIP (e-TeX) controls and so is conform to the licences whose extract is given here for TeX (see the sources for the whole details):

[TeX] This program is copyright (C) 1982 by D. E. Knuth; all rights are reserved. Copying of this file is authorized only if (1) you are D. E. Knuth, or if (2) you make absolutely no changes to your copy. (The WEB system provides for alterations via an auxiliary file; the master file should stay intact.) See Appendix H of the WEB manual for hints on how to install this program. And see Appendix A of the TRIP manual for details about how to validate it. TeX is a trademark of the American Mathematical Society.
[METAFONT] This program is copyright (C) 1984 by D. E. Knuth; all rights are reserved. Copying of this file is authorized only if (1) you are D. E. Knuth, or if (2) you make absolutely no changes to your copy. (The WEB system provides for alterations via an auxiliary file; the master file should stay intact.) In other words, METAFONT is under essentially the same ground rules as TeX. METAFONT is a trademark of Addison-Wesley Publishing Company.

Other programs or data, compiled or added from sources external to kerTeX_T, all have licences compatibles with kerTeX one and the use done. (See their sources for more details.)

The risk_comp, kertex_M and kertex_T licences, packages made by Thierry Laronde, are of a BSD type with simplified recognition (``publicity'') claused. See the table below for downloads.

KerTeX has been derived, for a significant part, from Web2C version 5.0C (public domain, 1990). But it is also significantly different. The work of the following authors has been used (extract from the licences):


Both the sources and the patches are gzip compressed and are provided with a GNUpg detached signature so that you can ensure that what you have actually retrieved matches what the release manager has put online.

At the moment, the release manager is Thierry LARONDE, and you can retrieve his public key from the keyserver


File Date of publication Size (in bytes) Description Signature 2018-11-21 7752 A script for an Unix like OS (including Mac OS X, Android and Windows Interix), allowing unprivileged build, using kerTeX local sources (for example if modified) or retrieving them and the doc (via ftp(1), lftp(1) or curl(1) depending on the systems), untaring, compiling, installing and generating the dumps and fonts. Well, doing everything detailed in the README automatically (asking you if it can proceed). Run it in a dir with enough place for the unpacked sources (40 Mb will do). Call it like this:
$ sh [my_conf]
get_mk_install.rc 2014-02-20 4299 A script for Plan9, using kerTeX local sources (for example if modified) or retrieving them and the doc (via ftpfs(4)), untaring, compiling, installing and generating the dumps and fonts. Well, doing everything detailed in the README automatically (asking you if it can proceed). Run it in a dir with enough place for the unpacked sources (40 Mb will do). Call it like this:
% rc get_mk_install.rc [my_conf]
kertex.SlackBuild 2018-08-22 11234 An example of the R.I.S.K. compilation framework in an alien OS package framework. To be adapted by programmers. kertex.SlackBuild.sig
README 2017-12-17 47566 Description, instructions for the compilation, installation and "mise en oeuvre". README.sig
kertex_bundle.tar 2018-08-13 10997760 All the following sources. kertex_bundle.tar.sig
knuth_2014.01.07.tar.gz 2016-02-01 503697 D.E. Knuth's sources. knuth_2014.01.07.tar.gz.sig
adobe_2011.12.31.tar.gz 2016-02-01 316168 Adobe published PostScript core fonts AFM. adobe_2011.12.31.tar.gz.sig
ams_3.04.tar.gz 2016-02-01 3250369 Supplementary mathematical fonts, or supplementary formats for CM fonts, published by the AMS. ams_3.04.tar.gz.sig
bibtex_0.99d.tar.gz 2016-02-01 163897 Oren Patashnik's BibTeX (version 0.99d). bibtex_0.99d.tar.gz.sig
etex_2.1.tar.gz 2016-02-01 136362 NTS team's e-TeX. etex_2.1.tar.gz.sig
risk_comp_1.16.9.0.tar.gz 2018-05-17 148317 Tools for the compilation and installation of the project. risk_comp_1.16.9.0.tar.gz.sig
licence_kerTeX_M.txt 2011-12-19 7765 kerTeX_M licence.
kertex_M_1.0.2.0.tar.gz 2016-08-16 48856 Tools for WEB-to-C translation. kertex_M_1.0.2.0.tar.gz.sig
licence_kerTeX_T.txt 2012-01-01 12597 kerTeX_T licence.
kertex_T_0.9999999.3.1.tar.gz 2018-08-14 1887693 Makefile prototypes ; "change files", supplementary programs and fonts non present in D.E. Knuth's sources. kertex_T_0.9999999.3.1.tar.gz.sig


File Date of publication Size (in bytes) Description Signature 2017-08-17 2706 Installation of Anthony Phan's m3D package for the plain MetaPost. 2018-08-13 3385 Gilles F. Robert's cm "blackboard" cm fonts 2018-08-13 3011 Alan Jeffrey "blackboard" fonts 2018-08-13 2877 Daniel Taupin's reencoded version of Yannis Haralambous' YFRAK fonts 2018-05-14 3747 Emmanuel Beffara's cursive fonts. 2018-11-25 2489 LY1 encoded PostScript standard fonts (p*8y.tfm). 2018-08-13 4754 Polish extensions to CM fonts 2018-08-13 2634 Ralph Smith's cm "Formal Script Symbol" fonts 2018-08-21 9163 URW PostScript Type-1 fonts with tfm and vf 2017-03-01 3673 Installation of the plain TeX (and e-TeX) versions of AMS-TeX. 2017-03-01 3271 Installation of LaTeX on kerTeX (including documentation). Generates latex(1) (e-TeX engine). 2017-02-28 2820 Installation of the AMS style files etc. for use with LaTeX. 2014-07-10 4493 Installation of LaTeX Babel (3.9k) subset. 2017-03-15 3029 Bibliography with LaTeX, Bibtex being used only for sorting. (Mark van Atten) 2017-12-03 2180 CM-Super family of fonts are Adobe Type 1 fonts that replace the T1/TS1-encoded Computer Modern (EC/TC), T1/TS1-encoded Concrete, T1/TS1-encoded CM bright and LH fonts (thus supporting all European languages except Greek, and Cyrillic-based languages), and bringing many ameliorations in typesetting quality. The fonts exhibit the same metrics as the Metafont-encoded originals. (Romick "yellow rabbit") 2012-08-03 1762 The package supports compressed, sorted lists of numerical citations, and also deals with various punctuation and other issues of representation, including comprehensive management of break points. (Romick "yellow rabbit") 2012-04-14 1903 Comment contributed LaTeX package. (Mark van Atten) 2012-03-22 2083 Installation of Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences class files and templates. 2012-04-14 1910 Context sensitive quotations facilities. (Mark van Atten) 2012-03-22 1958 Installation of LaTeX Cyrillic subset. 2014-02-20 2558 EC fonts for LaTeX. (Mark van Atten) 2012-08-02 2057 Fix uneven spacing around ellipses in LaTeX text mode. (Mark van Atten) 2014-02-21 2104 Elpres is a simple class for electronic presentations to be shown on screen or a beamer. Elpres is derived from article.cls and may be used with LaTeX or pdfLaTeX. (blstuart) 2017-03-15 2666 Spanish hyphenations for LaTeX. (Trebol) 2012-04-14 1920 LaTeX programmers e-TeX toolbox. (Mark van Atten) 2018-07-21 2158 The package provides variants for boxing. 2014-02-21 2079 The package provides extensive facilities, both for constructing headers and footers, and for controlling their use (for example, at times when LaTeX would automatically change the heading style in use). (blstuart) 2012-08-02 2083 Extended filecontents and filecontents* environments. (Mark van Atten) 2014-02-20 1677 Improves the interface for defining floating objects such as figures and tables. Introduces the boxed float, the ruled float and the plaintop float. You can define your own floats and improve the behaviour of the old ones. (Romick "yellow rabbit") 2012-08-02 2120 A range of footnote options. (Mark van Atten) 2018-05-14 2775 The package provides an easy and flexible user interface to customize page layout, implementing auto-centering and auto-balancing mechanisms so that the users have only to give the least description for the page layout. For example, if you want to set each margin 2cm without header space, what you need is just \usepackage[margin=2cm,nohead]{geometry}. 2017-12-03 2759 Installation of LaTeX graphics subset. 2012-11-08 1926 Harvard citation package. (Mark van Atten) 2012-07-29 2823 The LH fonts address the problem of the wide variety of alphabets that are written with Cyrillic-style characters. The fonts are the original basis of the set of T2* and X2 encodings that are now used when LaTeX users need to write in Cyrillic languages. Warning: only T2A encoding for now. (Romick "yellow rabbit") 2017-12-03 2283 Latin Modern fonts for LaTeX. (Mark van Atten) 2012-04-14 2031 Automatization of LaTeX workflow. (Mark van Atten) 2012-04-14 2118 Support for fictions, not fictions and mathematical books. (Mark van Atten) 2012-08-02 2029 Flexible bibliography support. (Mark van Atten) 2012-11-08 2020 A collection of general packages. (Mark van Atten) 2016-08-30 2031 Heiko Oberdiek contributed LaTeX packages. (Mark van Atten) 2017-12-03 4762 Support for various PostScript fonts. 2017-03-15 2651 A collection of Russian hyphenation patterns supporting a number of Cyrillic font encodings, including T2, UCY (Omega Unicode Cyrillic), LCY, LWN (OT2), and koi8-r.(Romick "yellow rabbit") 2012-08-02 2003 Make a to-do list for a document. (Mark van Atten) 2012-04-14 1934 LaTeX required tools. (Mark van Atten) 2012-04-14 1875 URL sensitive line breaks. (Mark van Atten)

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